"Our brotherhood has become one of the most successful of its kind, with members being pioneers and leaders in their respective communities and fields.  Through the Beta Chi experience, we are continuously molding young men to be gentlemen of the future."
Mr. Saajan Patidar, National President

Our Family



Student Members from Northeastern


Learn more about the benefits of joining, what type of students we look for and how to start or join a chapter.


No other fraternity can offer your son the unparalleled benefits of Beta Chi Theta. Learn the full potential of what a fraternity can be.


Being a brother is a lifelong commitment, not merely a collegiate experience. Learn more about how you can stay involved.


Our Six Pillars

These principles are the unifying factors that tie every brother across the United States together and form the foundation of beliefs that characterize our gentlemen.

Our Alumni

Our Alumni have gone on to accomplish great things. We have built a powerful network in different industries all around the world. Here is a small sample of companies and graduate schools you can find our Alumni at:

Your Legacy

Create Your Legacy
Beta Chi Theta is like no other fraternity. Joining our organization will redefine you for the better. The people you meet will become brothers for life. The opportunities we offer will establish your legacy for eternity. We are extremely committed to our mission: A brotherhood like none other. We will bring out the best in you and help you tackle any challenges life might throw at you. Interested? There are two ways to join Beta Chi Theta: join an existing chapter or start a chapter at your university.



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