Welcome Alpha Gamma Colony!

16 December | 2014

On December 12, 2014, six gentlemen came together to bring the first South Asian Greek organization to the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Alpha Gamma Colony was founded by 6 individuals with the vision of bringing something new to the UMASS Amherst campus.  They wanted to bring an organization that would create gentlemen and leaders out of students, and provide an outlet for men to foster brotherhood, provide service to the community, push each other to excel academically, and help spread South Asian awareness.  They wanted to create a lasting legacy on campus, and create an organization that would have a profound impact on their professional, educational, and personal lives. 

“As the New Member Educator for the Alpha Gamma Colony, I witnessed the transformation of boys into gentlemen” stated Varun Thakkar, from Alpha Alpha Chapter located at Northeastern University.  “I know that their work is only beginning, but I know that Beta Chi Theta will be one of the best fraternities at their school due to their dedication, and I look forward to seeing the results.”

“The overwhelming support we have received from brothers all over the nation throughout our new member founding process has brought new meaning to the word "brotherhood," and we are all very excited to finally be a part of what we consider to be the greatest fraternity of all time,” stated Roshan Patel, the President of Alpha Gamma Colony.

National President, Prashant K. Kher added “we are excited about the new addition to our fraternal family, and we look forward to watching them leave a mark of brotherhood, culture and tradition, along with professionalism and philanthropy at the UMASS Amherst campus and community.”

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