Our Philosophy

Beta Chi Theta actively seeks to promote service to humanity through engagement within the local communities of its respective chapters and colonies. Service to humanity is one of the six pillars that defines the foundation of the organization.  We chose our pillar to be Service to humanity, instead of service, or community service, because we want our service to be for the betterment of humanity.  We want to provide service for a reason, service for a cause, service where it’s needed, not just service to do service.  Brothers across the country participate in service both directly and indirectly through organizational activities. The fraternity encourages members to give back to the community in which they are fostered, help those in need, and mentor those who look up to them.

Our community outreach programs are diverse in nature, abundant in enrichment, and full of conviction. From volunteering at a local Boys and Girls Club to running a race that benefits impoverished countries to riding a bike to Alaska to raise money for cancer research–all of these and more have been accomplished by our brothers across the nation.  One of the benefits of being a member of a newer and smaller organization is that the brothers can shape what they want to out of the chapter.  If individual brothers have a passion for a certain cause, they can steer the chapter/colonies philanthropic endeavors towards the causes they are most passionate about. 

Nationally, regionally, and locally, we work with many non-profit organizations to support numerous causes that bind us together as a brotherhood. We believe that through our outreach we can impact the lives of many around us and simultaneously, become closer to one another.  The most interesting aspect of our pillars is that they do not stand alone but are deeply intertwined in our achievements and establishments.

Currently, the fraternity has two national philanthropy initiatives: Be the Change and Beating Heart Disease.

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