South Asian Awareness Defined

South Asia is the southern part of the Asian continent and consists of the following eight nations: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

One of our core pillars is South Asian Awareness, which has two sides to it:

The first side is perhaps the more obvious one: educating others about the South Asian culture. All of our chapters engage in the promotion of South Asian culture.  Our brothers actively participate in, and sometimes even host cultural shows, religious holiday celebrations, and educational programs for their local communities.  Several of our brothers have also taken up leadership positions in their school's respective South Asian-based student organizations such as SASA (South Asian Student Alliance), ISA (Indian Student Association), PSA (Pakistani Student Association), and many more. Other brothers have become active dancers in South Asian cultural dance teams and joined singing groups. A few of our brothers have actually even been instrumental in setting up these student organizations and dance teams on local campuses. Our brothers are actively engaged with the school's South Asian community to promote South Asian culture.  Even though a large base of our membership includes brothers from cultural backgrounds other than South Asian, all are appreciative and supportive in spreading the awareness and educating others about the South Asian culture.

The second side relates to educating ourselves about South Asian culture. Many of us are second (and third) generation immigrants.  As such, some of us may not have had the opportunity to learn about our own culture or about other societies and communities from South Asia.  Our National Founding Fathers envisioned a social fraternity that could provide a platform for our members to educate themselves about the South Asian culture, as well as keep up with issues that are important to the community.

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