How To Stay Involved

Keep up-to-date with fraternity news

The first step in involvement requires alumni members to be up-to-date on the status of the fraternity. On a chapter level, alumni can take initiative and create a means for communication with the active members of the chapter. This means of communication can be accomplished using Google Groups, Facebook, Groupme or a host of other tools.  Use these tools to know how your chapter is currently doing, which active members are on the executive board, what events are planned and if donations are needed.

On a national level, alumni can request to join the private Facebook group, access the Brothers Only Portal (link at top of this website) or sign up for the national e-mail newsletter. The latter choice especially will give you access to timely updates from the National Leadership on topics such as National Convention location and date, establishment of new colonies, new programs and initiatives.

Become an Alumnus Adviser (AA) for A Chapter

A key element in each chapter's success in the involvement of alumni. More specifically, every chapter can benefit tremendously by having an alumnus adviser (AA). Alumni advisers can provide insightful advice due to their experience and maturity. Furthermore AAs can ensure that long-term goals of chapters are being accomplished despite the yearly turnover of chapter executive boards. AAs also serve as a critical link between the National Leadership and the chapter. And finally, AAs and regional directors work together to complete semester, yearly and long-term goals.

Mentor an undergraduate brother

Alumni are genuinely our most valuable resource, not least because of the experience and knowledge they have. Your expertise might be in medicine, engineering, law, entrepreneurship, media or a host of other fields. Whichever field (or industry or hobby) you may have chosen, you can mentor a younger brother and ensure his success. Several chapters have already established a mentorship program where alumni and undergraduate brothers are partnered. Alumni have expressed a sense of joy, knowing their advice is helping a younger brother succeed in life. Undergraduate brothers themselves have articulated the positive benefits of having an alumnus mentor.

Donate to the Beta Chi Theta Foundation

The Beta Chi Theta Foundation was established in 2015 with the purpose of providing educational value to the members of the fraternity. With your contribution, this organization aims to deliver scholarships, educational resources, and leadership development opportunities. More information can be found on the Foundation website.

Participate in Alumni Chapter events.

Another great (and extremely fun!) way to stay involved is to join and participate in Alumni Chapter events. Alumni Chapters are set up by the city, county or region in which they are located. Alumni Chapters provide several functions, such as helping alumni brothers with relocation, career advice and support, hosting of social events and supporting local undergraduate chapters and colonies. For more information, check out our Alumni Chapters page.

Be a Part of our National Leadership

We are always looking for passionate alumni who want to make a difference on a national level. Interested in creating an amazing legacy? As a young organization, we are in an unique position to offer our young alumni members top leadership roles. These roles are typically reserved in other organizations for men with 20 to 30 years more experience. As many ex-National Board members have stated, you get out of it what you put in: the energy and time you put into furthering our cause will in return benefit you personally and professionally. Check out our National Leadership page to see all the leadership positions we have.

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